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Marketing / Sales / Product Support

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Job Description

1) This position is responsible for parts information/e-book development and maintenance. It requires engineers familar with machine, systems and parts. So experience is important for performance.
Curently CQL is using 90% of Parts Literature Engineers from Agency with technical background but without knowledge and experience for specific job/SEM products in CQL. No training or development plan exists for contractor worker.
2) We had 50% turnover with contract workers in the past 12 months. Then it took months to recruit an acceptable engineer. This impacted the quality and timing of release of our parts literature and parts information updates, which caused a negative performance for our aftermarket sales.
3) The proposal is to convert 4 of contract engineer positions to FT employee, followed by a technical skills training to improve talent retention, parts information development and maintenance performance. 
4) By adding the 4 FT employees we reduce corresponding purchased service from Agency. No cost increase.



   Bachelor’s degree or above.

2 2年以上机械行业设计或文献开发工作经验,有维修经验或知识者优先.

 Over 2 years’ experience in mechanical design or literature development, ser vice experience is preferred.

3 积极主动地分析和解决问题;

Identify and solve problems timely and proactively.

4 服务客户,质量中心,承担责任,

Serving customers, Quality Focus, and Accountable.

5 沟通能力、团队合作和控制能力,推进改进项目的进展;

Good communication, teamwork, and control to push improvement project forward. 

6 熟练使用ProE 、Team center等工程软件;

Good command of engineering software includes ProE, Team center etc.;

7 良好的英语口语、书写能力。

 English writing and speaking.

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

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